Getting Started with Picsello Guide

Welcome to Picsello! We are so glad you’re here. 

Picsello is powerful software that can make your life and your photography business simpler and more enjoyable. In order to get you there, we’ve created this getting started guide to help you hit the ground running—though it might be easier if you’re sitting. 

Get Picsello working for you quickly by following these steps:

  1. Set up/connect to Stripe
  2. Select your Key Settings
  3. Learn about Leads, Jobs, and Galleries
  4. Turn Leads into Jobs and deliver your photos with Galleries
  5. Everything (else) you need to succeed
  6. Get Help as needed

Step 1: Set up/connect to Stripe

In order to accept payments and get your business going, we’ve partnered with Stripe to offer secure and easy-to-use payment processing. We suggest this as your first step because the whole point of running a business is being able to accept money.  (Also it becomes important soon, as you won’t be able to send out booking proposals or accept gallery orders until it’s complete.)

If you have a Stripe account already, you’ll log in and connect them. If not, you will need to create a new account. You can view our in-depth article here.

Step 2: Select your Key Settings

  • Upload a logo to your Public Profile: visit Settings -> Public Profile and click customize.
    • Here you can also upload a cover photo or decide to disable the Public Profile.
    • Embed your lead form on your website to capture leads and input them directly into Picsello. (optional) 
  • Customize your email signature in Settings -> Brand.
  • Set up your tax settings in Settings -> Finance. See a more detailed article here.
  • Import contacts from other platforms. Contact us for help with a bulk upload.
  • Check out some of the package presets we have created for you. Customize them or create your own. Learn more here.

Step 3: Learn about Leads, Jobs, and Galleries

You have three places to start organizing your work through Picsello. As you get started playing around with the platform, feel free to try each these to get a feel for how it works. 

  • Add a lead through the home screen.
    • Best if you have someone who has expressed interest in working with you but hasn’t booked yet. Picsello will allow you to walk your existing leads through every step from answering questions, to booking, to communicating about the shoot, to delivering their photos.   
  • Use the embeddable lead form on your own site.
    • Useful for self-service lead generation. You will be notified when a potential client has filled out the form. Go to Settings -> Public Profile and click on “Preview Form” to see it and copy the embed code.
  • Input a job you already have booked
    • You can upload your existing contract, session date, payment schedule, and more. 
    • We suggest using this method if you need custom payment schedules (beyond what Picsello offers when creating a Lead), or you have work-in-progress on another platform.

Step 4: Turn Leads into Jobs and deliver your photos with Galleries

Depending on what stage you are in, you’ll need to have your client pay their retainer on your payment schedule, as well as agree to your proposal (contract) by signing digitally. Once this is complete, your lead is turned into a Job with official times/session details. You can view those times on your Picsello calendar. You also have access to the Gallery for that job as soon as you need to upload their images.

Step 5: Everything (else) you need to succeed

Picsello has tons to offer—once you have your leads and jobs up and running we highly recommend poking around to see everything else. For example:

  • Marketing: here we’ve provided quick links to send you over to your social media platforms to see what’s going on; as well as send out emails to new, current, and past clients.
  • Pricing Calculator: remember those package presets we created for you? We built a tool to help see some of those calculations in real-time based on what photography you shoot, including costs and how much you’d like to make with taxes in mind.
  • Home screen: always be in the know about the current state of your business with new leads, upcoming jobs, and your “Next up” feed.
  • Inbox: all of your client communications in one spot. It includes a threaded history by lead or job.

Step 6: Get Help as needed

Picsello will be around to help you any time you get stuck! Here are the best ways to get in touch with us:

  • Help Center
    • Access through any of the “Help” menu items or the blue question mark at the bottom right of your screen
    • You can search for your question there or get in touch with us
  • Business Coaching
    • If you have pressing questions on how to run your business or general tips & tricks, you can access them through the blue question mark or the hamburger menu in the top left. Only available to subscribers in-app.

We are so glad you are part of the Picsello family. We are here to help you with every part of your photography business and we can’t wait to help you succeed!