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Global Automations Email Set-Up
Global Automations Email Set-Up


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We're excited to share with you the feature that will be a big game changer!

Picsello's Email Automations.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually managing communications and hello to more streamlined, efficient, and professional email sequences to your clients.

Some of what you can expect to love:

  • Pre-loaded Email Templates:

    We've pre-loaded your account with a slew of tried and tested default email templates. These templates can be easily edited and customized to match your unique tone of voice and timing to suit your preferences.

  • Comprehensive Client Journey:

    Our email sequences are crafted to guide potential clients through every step of the process. Whether you're working with leads, sending proposals, managing bookings, handling payments, preparing for the photo shoot, or maintaining post-shoot communications (including gallery delivery and order fulfillment), our email automations have you covered.

  • Tailored to Your Workflow:

    We understand that every photographer has a unique workflow. That's why our automation emails can be customized based on photographer type. Whether you specialize in weddings, maternity shoots, portraits, or any other niche, you can set up email sequences that cater specifically to your workflow and client needs.

  • Global and Individual Customization:

    While we recommend setting up automation emails globally to maximize your efficiency, we also understand that every job, lead, or gallery may have its unique requirements. That's why we've provided the flexibility for you to view, adjust, and customize automation emails on an individual basis as well.

Setting up your email automation sequences globally, ensuring they reflect your brand voice, can be a time-consuming but absolutely rewarding process. To help support you feel free to reach out to our Customer Success; they're more than happy to set-up 1:1 calls to . Reach out to Customer Success for more information.

There is a separate article for how to keep track of your Email Automations day-to-day on your leads, jobs, and galleries. Click here (link to come).


Step 1

Access the global Automations settings from the sidebar navigation, under Admin & Docs.

Step 2

When you land on Email Automations, you will immediately see a long list of categories and topics by which we've organized your default emails chronologically by lead, jobs, and galleries.

The lefthand sidebar includes a list of all the photography types you currently have enabled in your account. If you are seeing too few or too many, you can reset those by going to Settings and then Packages.

Selecting other photography types in the sidebar will pull up the corresponding emails grouped in the same fashion you see, Leads, Jobs, and Galleries.

Step 3

Using the email dropdown arrows, you can expand each section to show the list of individual emails within the sequence.


  • Edit time to increase or decrease the amount of time between emails

  • Edit email to review the default template content provided and adjust as you prefer

  • Add email to create a new, additional email that you would like to run within the series

  • Enable sequence is set for the emails to run however you can switch that off to disable if needed

Step 4

You can go through and review each of the email templates across all photography types you offer for the various categories of Leads, Jobs, and Galleries. Some things to note in general and within each edit email modal:

  • Select email preset identifies what kind of email it is and provides the context of when it is sent.

  • The subject line can be edited if you would like, to better match to the content

  • View email variables to see the list of variable content that will pull in, specific to the lead, job, shoot, payments, galleries, etc.

  • Email content can be revised as you see fit, with the opportunity to format as noted including images or hyperlink to external content such as your price list, wardrobe guide, or other documents you would like to share with your client

  • Apply changes to all job types checkbox allows you to carry changes you make here for one photography type into the other photography types you offer

  • The review allows you to see the email, formatted as your client will see it

Edit email modal:

Review email modal:

Select Review to preview the email as your client will receive it and then select Finish or Go back should you wish to make additional revisions.

Additional tips

Some things to keep in mind as you start to review and edit the default email templates in your account and prepare to use them:

  • For the default, email templates in your account

    • There are over 30 emails that operate globally, using variable content, across all photography types; as you review, or make edits, you can make things easier for yourself by leveraging the "Apply to all photography types" button which will ensure changes you are making in one are carried over to the other photography types you offer.

    • There are currently 5 emails that are customized by photography type. Those are:

      • Lead Inquiry email (Triggered by photographer)

      • Pre-shoot 7-day email (Sent automatically)

      • Pre-shoot 1-day email (Sent automatically)

      • Post-shoot 3 months after email (Sent automatically)

      • Post-shoot 9 months after email (Sent automatically)

  • Make use of formatting tools like the hyperlink to include a link to a wardrobe guide or pricing list that you have posted on Google Drive or a gallery of your work hosted on your website.

  • Make note of emails that are sent by you the photographer vs. those that are triggered to send automatically:

  • You can enable and disable the full sequence or series of emails or individual emails with the exception of the first email in each sequence.

  • You can create your own private name for the existing default templates.

  • Copy yourself on critical emails you would like to confirm have been sent to your clients.

  • Ensure you have photographer cell enabled in account settings to take advantage of the day of emergency correspondence.


With Picsello's Email Automation Sequences, you'll not only save valuable time but also ensure that your clients receive timely and personalized communications at every stage of their journey with you. This powerful feature is designed to help you grow your photography business, enhance client satisfaction, and make managing your photography business even easier.

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