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How To Create Your Packages

How to create reusable packages

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Package Templates are reusable pricing and shoot packages that you can offer to your clients, making it easier to manage leads. Packages can be enabled to display on your Public Profile for lead generation and to display your product offerings, or they can be hidden from your public profile and created/used on an individual client basis.

Default Package Templates

Picsello comes loaded with a number of default packages that you can duplicate and/or edit. Default package templates are tied to the photography types that you selected during onboarding. For example, if the Portrait photography type isn't enabled in Picsello, you won't see any Portrait package templates.

Default package templates are categorized into three different pricing levels:

  • Heirloom is the most expensive package.

  • Keepsake is the mid-tier package.

  • Essential is the least expensive package

Package Template Components

Package templates contain four main steps and components: Details, Documents (Contracts and Questionnaires), Pricing, and Schedule.

Package Details

Includes details about what the session will consist of, turn-around time, the number of shoots, a title, description, and the photography type associated with the package.


Includes a contract that serves as the legal agreement outlining scope, terms, and conditions, helping to protect you and your clients from potential misunderstandings; and a questionnaire to gather critical information from your client, to help understand their expectations and minimize surprises.


Includes the session fee and anything else you decide to include such as professional print credits, and digital images.

Payment Schedule

Use a default payment schedule or create a new one to set clear payment expectations with your client(s).

Remember your packages are tied to your job type so if you have the same package for multiple job types, simply create another one!

Smart Profit Calculator

If you need any help with pricing your services, head to the Smart Profit Calculator on your dashboard to determine your profitable rate!

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