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Viewing your calendar, subscribing to your calendar and syncing to your personal calendar

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To help keep you organized, Picsello has a built-in calendar, showing all of your accepted bookings in your account. You can also subscribe to your calendar as well as sync your personal calendar to your Picsello calendar. Here's a quick overview of each!

To View Your Calendar

You can find your calendar in the Calendar section of your account! Here you can see that you can do the following:

  • Toggle between month and week views using the buttons to the top right of the calendar.

  • Use the Today button to return to the current day.

  • Use the arrow buttons to move forward or back one week or month at a time.

Subscribe to Your Picsello Calendar (One Way Sync)

To make it super easy to keep an eye on your upcoming jobs, you can import your Picsello calendar to your personal calendar by subscribing to the calendar link.

1. Click Settings at the top of the calendar.

2. Copy the link and follow the steps in the articles below for your email provider.

If you need more help on subscribing to your calendar, check out the help articles from each of these providers:

Syncing Your Personal Calendar to Your Picsello Calendar (Two-Way Sync)

If you prefer to have your personal calendar synced to your Picsello calendar we allow that through 2-way calendar sync.

1. Click Settings at the top of the calendar.

2. Click Connect Calendar and follow the steps.

For a more detailed Step-by-step guide to setting up your 2-Way sync, click here.

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