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What is Picsello?

What is Picsello? It is the mission of Picsello for you to have the photography business you have dreamed about.

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Our mission is ensuring you have the photography business you always dreamed about.

We do this through part software, part education and part support via our an all-in-one photography business software platform that helps you manage invoicing, pricing, marketing, selling, and upselling your work, so you can make more money and focus on doing what you love.

Here 's a snapshot view of the benefits you'll get with your subscription to Picsello

Client Booking and Mini-Session Scheduler

Our streamlined process guides your clients through each step so they can easily view your availability and proposals, sign contracts, and submit payments for each booking. Create and view all of your sessions and events right from your calendar, integrated email for simple client communication, promote upcoming events right from your public profile, and book mini-sessions faster than ever before.

Beautiful Client Galleries with Unlimited Gallery Storage

You’ll never leave money on the table again with Picsello Galleries. Built-in pressure-free sales tools—including easy digital upsells—let you say good-bye to accidental downloads and lost profits. We've partnered with WHCC for gallery products and 100% of the profits from the gallery sales go to you!

Email Automations

Our biggest feature yet- automations takes the endless task of client communication and puts it on autopilot. Your account is pre-loaded with set-it-and-forget-it customizable emails that streamline client communications from leads, to galleries, to post-shoot follow-ups. Work less, and book more with Picsello.

Run Your Business from Anywhere

Don’t wait until you’re back at your desk to check off your to-do list. our mobile-first design lets you respond to inquiries, book clients, send invoices, and deliver galleries straight from your phone. You can also Access tips, tools, and resources from anywhere.

Streamlined Studio Management

Picsello’s Studio Manager was designed to help you convert more leads and book more clients. Prewritten emails, easy booking, invoicing, contracts, and inbox make our CRM your all-access client communication hub.

Set Your Prices for Profit with our Smart Profit Calculator

Tired of losing money on sessions? Our proprietary calculator takes the guesswork out of setting your prices. We invested 3 years in worldwide research to create a calculator that takes the most impactful components of monetizing your business and helps you set sustainable prices with confidence. tools to help you set your prices based on where you want to be.

Marketing Made Easy

The constant need to create and share content can be overwhelming. With Picsello’s marketing tools, you can easily send marketing emails to your clients, use our pre-written emails to convert potential leads. Integrated social media lets you updated all of your social from one place. We’ve put everything you need to market your business in one place.

Business Mastermind and Expert Business Coaching

Picsello’s business coaching lets you spend less time searching for the right answers so you can spend more time connecting with clients, building your business, and ultimately, making more profit. Helpful tips, instant business advice from industry pros, and more are all right at your fingertips. Our Business Mastermind is included with your annual subscription and no matter where you are in your business, or how you define success, this community of photographers, experts, and educators will help you reach your goals.

See how we help you manage every part of your business with one simple plan. Start your free trial today!

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