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How-to Article: Collect Taxes via Picsello
How-to Article: Collect Taxes via Picsello

This article will help you set up your account to collect taxes via Picsello.

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OVERVIEW: Collecting Taxes via Picsello

With Picsello Tax, you can set the appropriate percentages for every charge to your client, including session fees, digital images, print products, and shipping. Plus, if you're working with a charity or non-profit, you can easily turn off tax collection for a specific lead, or job within your package.

NOTE: We recommend you work with a certified CPA to understand tax laws and regulations applicable to photographers in your area, including sales tax, income tax, and other relevant taxes. For additional information, you can also read:

STEP-BY-STEP: How-to Collect Taxes via Picsello

Step 1

From your Picsello dashboard, go to the sidebar navigation and select “Settings”.

Step 2

From “Settings”, select the “Payments” tab and then scroll to the bottom and select “Collect taxes via Picsello”.

NOTE: You can configure only one tax collection system in your account. Therefore, if you previously set up Stripe Tax, you should deactivate it within your Stripe Account before you proceed further.

Step 3

Once you select “Collect taxes via Picsello”, the modal to set taxes will open. Select the pen to edit and set the appropriate percentage that should be charged for each.

Step 4

To proceed with using taxes in your account, go to the upper right-hand corner of the sidebar navigation and select the circle icon with your initials. Scroll to "Logout" and then log back in to your account.


Collecting taxes via Picsello will provide you and your clients with the transparency, reliability, flexibility, and simplicity to collect and manage taxes for your photography business moving forward.

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