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Picsello Smart Profit Calculator™
Picsello Smart Profit Calculator™
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The Smart Profit Calculator™ calculates pricing structures for your specific packages and services by combining your business information, costs, and financial goals with 3 years of industry research. The Picsello Smart Profit Calculator takes the guesswork out of formulating your packages and enables your business to be profitable and sustainable.

At Picsello we want to ensure that every user starts on the right foot, which means pricing yourself correctly and profitably. Using our proprietary Smart Profit Calculator™ is an important step in setting up your Picsello account - and your photography business - for success

Use the Smart Profit Calculator™

1. Log in to Picsello. In the lower-left corner of the Home page, click Get Started in the Smart Profit Calculator™ section.

2. Click Get Started.

3. Work through each step in the calculator. When finished, review the results in Step 4, then click Email Results to send a copy to your email address.

Your calculator results do not save in your account, so be sure to email your results so you can reference them in the future.

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