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Add a package to a lead
Updated over a week ago

After consulting with potential clients, you'll get a better understanding of what they are looking for in their event or session. You will likely have standard photography packages that you offer and have created in Picsello. Adding one of these packages to a lead is easy and gets you one step closer to sending out that all-important booking proposal.

  • From the Leads page, click Edit on the Package details card.

  • Click on one of the templates you've created

  • If you will be offering this standard package to the customer as-is, click on Use Template. If you are customizing any portion of it, click Customize and make any updates needed.

  • If you need to edit these package details at any time, open up the lead and click on Package settings at the top of the page.

  • Back on the Leads page, click on the name of the shoot under Shoot Details to add date, time, and location information. You can edit these at any time by going back to this leads page.

You've now captured all of the information for a photo shoot and are ready to send a booking proposal at any time!

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