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How can I check if my Stripe Account is Approved?
How can I check if my Stripe Account is Approved?

Checking Stripe Status and Stripe Account Incomplete

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Anyone using Stripe must meet a set of checks and requirements designed by Stripe, their financial partners, the credit card networks, and regulators.

For more information on what will be needed, refer to the following articles:

Picsello is integrated with Stripe and will display a card under Your Settings / Finances if there is further information that Stripe needs from you. Click on the Stripe Account Incomplete button to be directed to Stripe, where you will be prompted for any needed additional information.

Once you've provided all necessary information, it can still take some time for Stripe to review and verify all of the submitted information. In that case, you will see a card under Your Settings / Finances indicating that the review is still in process. You can click Check Stripe Status at any time for an update on the review.

Please note that a new account can take a few days to complete their checks, if you are still having issues with your Stripe account being created contact Stripe here!

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