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Client Overview and Tagging
Updated over a week ago


  • Overview tab in your Picsello app to add, view or bulk-upload your clients from an existing platform

  • View a full list of clients listed alphabetically by first name along with email, phone number and tags

  • View details by client, send an email, create a lead or gallery, import jobs or archive

  • Ability to search clients my email, first and last name for easy sorting

  • Tags included reflect photography type but include the ability customize to add your own


Step 1: Take a look around

A visit to your Client Overview is a great place to go if you want to view a full list of your clients. There isn’t really any wrong or right way to use it but play around and get comfortable with the sorting, filters, and ability to scroll through all client contacts.

From here, you can also easily take action:

  • Send a client email

  • View job details

  • Create a lead or gallery

  • Import and archive jobs

Step 2: Start using and learning about tags

In preparation for our 2023 launch of robust marketing features, it is important that you start to use and create tags for your clients.

Tagging your clients will allow you to start building a knowledge base from which you will be able to remember details over time and serve targeted, relevant emails to your clients in the future.

To learn more about the importance of tagging and for ideas on how to get started, go here.

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