Account Settings
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Account Settings allow you to view and update your subscription, business name, time zone, email address, phone number, and password.

1. Log in to and click Settings from the top of the dashboard, then click Account.

2. Under Your Subscription, you can add a promo code, update your payment cycle, or click Open Billing Portal to review or update your billing information.

3. Scroll down the page and review or update the Business Name, Timezone, Email, Phone Number, or Password in the corresponding field and click Change [name, timezone, email, number, password].

  • The Change _____ button will be gray/disabled until an update has been made to the corresponding field.

  • You're required to enter your current password for updates to your email or password.

  • If you authenticate/sign in with your Google Account, you cannot change your password from your Picsello settings.

  • Messages you receive in your Picsello account will also be sent to the email address on file in your Picsello account.

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