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Client Gallery - Settings
Client Gallery - Settings
Updated over a week ago

Prior to sharing your gallery with your client, you may want to review the Gallery Settings.

  • From the Jobs page, select a job, then click on View Gallery.

  • Scroll down below the cover photo to review the sections and update, if needed.

  1. You can change the name of the gallery that is displayed to your client by updating the text and clicking Save.

  2. If you need to provide the password to the client, you can click Copy password and then paste into an email. Additionally, if you need to set a new password on the gallery, you can click Re-generate and a new code will be created.

  3. You may choose to put an expiration date on the gallery so that clients have access for a limited amount of time or you can check Never expires to leave it available indefinitely.

  4. To avoid your images being downloaded and used without your consent, you may upload a logo or enter text watermark. Picsello will then generate a watermark to be displayed on all of your photos within the client's gallery

    For best practices on Watermarking your images, check out the article here

To learn more about setting your gallery settings globally, visit this article

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