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Best Practices for watermarking your images
Best Practices for watermarking your images

Best practices for watermarking your images

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Protecting your images with watermarks

Protecting your images with a watermark is a very important step to ensure your content is protected from being stolen, used, or altered without your permission. While you will set the number of digital downloads your client will be able to select, you want to apply a watermark that can protect other images from being screenshot or downloaded using developer tools and used without your permission

You can edit your watermark in Global Gallery Settings

Click Watermark from the left menu. Customize your personal watermark using either your brand logo or type only, then click Save.

  • For Text watermarks, we recommend using the name of your photography business, or at the very least "do not print"

  • Your watermark will be applied to all new gallery album images

If you have existing galleries, you will need to modify the watermark in those galleries if you wanted to.

Tips for watermarking your photos

As we all know those AI watermark removers are getting better and better, we are keeping up with what is the best for our photographers and as of this moment, it is using a grid pattern, we recommend using it so you still can see the image but it is hard for the clients to remove the watermark.

Grid Watermarks

Grid watermarks are more subtle to the eye, they allow your client to see more of the image and, at the moment, they are harder to remove with AI.

using grid watermark with picsello software

At the end of this article, we have attached one for you to try. If you want to have more options we highly recommend LSP Action Watermark Grid kit for this! She offers the PNG that you can simply upload as your watermark on Picsello.

Repeating Text Watermarks

Sometimes we just want to write proof do not steal or have some text covering the photo more than our logo. We have found a simple way for you to create your own repeating text watermark for here

Please note that once you are on the Online PNG Tools website, you do have to click on one of the examples you like to start. They are located underneath the text PNG Watermark Examples - Click to Use.

Your logo as a watermark

This can be great for branding but it does come with some issues. It also can be removed easier and sometimes it can also block a lot of the photo. We have some tips to help:

  • You can modify your logo in photoshop so you have some more white space and the logo itself doesn't take up the whole image.

  • You can increase the transparency of the color of the logo within the watermark. A solid white font can still block a lot of the photo but if there is some opacity, you can see more of the image.

  • Please ensure that the file is a square PNG file (the size usually is between 5-30KB).

If you aren't too worried about your clients removing the logo, you can even create a watermark where it always is placed at the bottom right of the image. Simply create a layer in photoshop and give more space to the overall watermark, leaving the logo at the bottom right.

If you need help with creating a watermark from your logo, we recommend checking out Upwork, lots of talented graphic designers there!


  • Will the watermark still be there for my clients?

    No, the watermark will be removed once the client downloads the images.

  • My logo watermark looks so weird but I saved it as a PNG.

  • If your logo wasn't designed to work as a watermark (eg it goes opaque or reversed instead of just overlaying the image), you can do one of the following:

    • Go back to the original designer of your watermark and ask for a watermark version of your logo.

    • Create a simple script version watermark or use a grid, or repeating text one as mentioned above.

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