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Creating Digital Image Bundles
Creating Digital Image Bundles

This article will walk you through the steps to create Digital Image Bundle offerings within your client galleries.

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Picsello has taken gallery self-fulfillment to the next level with the ability for photographers to create customized digital bundle collections to upsell to clients! Bundling digital images is a win-win for you AND your clients:

  • Increased Profitability: You can improve your profitability by encouraging clients to purchase more images through bundles.

  • Simplified Decision-Making: Clients can easily upgrade and select the bundle that suits them best, streamlining the decision-making process.

  • Perceived Value: Clients perceive they're getting more value for their money, which will also foster their satisfaction and loyalty to your photography business.

Image Bundling integrates with existing packages and galleries, whether they include digital image credits, “Buy them all” option or not. Even better, you can integrate digital image bundles into both Standard AND Proofing galleries for additional flexibility and profitability.


  • Digital Image Credits: You have historically included these in your packages and galleries, comprising a specific number of image credits that clients can download from their gallery without additional charges.

  • Digital Image Bundles or Image Bundling: This new feature enables you to market bundles of multiple images directly from the gallery, allowing clients to purchase and apply them toward their digital image selections.


Step 1:

Creating Image Bundles on a Package

Select “Add image bundle” on the “Edit Package: Set Pricing” page if you are adding image bundles to a new gallery or editing an existing one.

Creating Image Bundles on a Gallery

Whether you are adding image bundles to a Standard or Proofing Gallery, you will select the “Add image bundle” on the “Create a Gallery: Pricing” page.

Step 2:

When setting up image bundles in the package or gallery, the steps to add image bundles is the same as detailed below.

NOTE: Before adding image bundles and considering how to price them, you should consider all of the following to ensure you are strategically pricing your image bundles:

  • Are there any digital images you included in the original proposal or gallery?

  • How many total images are you planning to share with your client?

  • Would you like your clients to be able to purchase single images or only image bundles?

  • What is the price per image you have shared with your client?

  • Have you offered a “Buy them all” digital collection and what is the price?

Step 3:

Continue adding additional bundles using the “Add image bundle” button, closing out using the “x” after each. Once you have added all bundles, you can select “Save”.

Step 4:

With the Digital Collection and Bundles complete, you can proceed with setting up your gallery as usual by:

  • Setting the Gallery name

  • Selecting the Gallery Cover photo

  • Reviewing gallery auto-generated password and deciding whether you want to personalize the password or remove it for your client

  • Adjust the gallery expiration date if needed

  • Verify the watermark is included

  • Add all the images to the gallery

Step 5:

From the Gallery Overview page, you can now select “Preview Gallery”. From there you will be able to review and verify the Digital Collection and Bundles you have included for your client.


This feature has been designed to ensure you can be as clear with your clients as possible. In cases where you have included image credits as a part of the original proposal and package, those image credits must be selected and added to cart before the client will see any digital bundle options.

  • If you have chosen to include a “Buy them all” option to the gallery and the client adds it to their cart, that will prevent any potential digital image bundles from appearing. Again, it is important to think through your comprehensive image pricing strategically

  • If you have not included image credits in the original proposal/package but are offering digital image bundles in addition to “Buy them all”, the client will see all presented in their gallery view. Your client can then select any combination of image bundles they like or opt to “Buy them all”. If your client adds “Buy them all” to the cart and have image bundles also, we will smartly remove said bundles and honor “Buy them all” as that is a better deal for them.


Digital image bundling is highly customizable for your business and unique client offerings. It will help make you even more profitable, putting the upsell's power in your clients' hands.

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