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Editing Digital & Print Credit Pricing
Editing Digital & Print Credit Pricing
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  • Now you can easily edit the quantity and pricing of your digitals and print credits after your client has accepted their proposal, after the shoot and before you send them their proofing or final gallery. No more need to enter a ticket through support!

  • Ensures the gallery of images you send to your client is limited to the parameters you’ve set for print credits, number of images included in the package and the price for individual or “buy them all” digital images


Step 1: Go to jobs and scroll to select the appropriate client

Scroll to the bottom of their jobs page, to the Gallery section. Choose either View gallery or select the Actions tab and use the drop-down tab to select Edit digital pricing and credits.

Step 2: Review the pricing and print credits as currently set in your package or job

Select Edit digital pricing and credits to make adjustments.

Step 3: Editing digital pricing and credits

You can adjust each of the following as you work through the options:

  • Starting with Print Credit, you will select whether or not you are offering one and if so, the value to your client.

    • Professional print credits are like gift cards; they are a dollar amount you can set within a package to sweeten the deal and encourage your client to order printed products. Your client can seamlessly apply the credit to any physical, printed products they order through WHCC.

  • Included Digital Images reflect the number of images you are allowing your client to download from their gallery at no additional cost.

  • Digital Image Price is the price you set per image, should your client choose to download images. This would apply in situations where you have not included any digital images within your package and when a client chooses to order more than had been included.

    • The Picsello default is set at $50 if you haven’t already adjusted in your global gallery settings.

  • Buy Them All Price is a flat price you set for a client to purchase and download all images in their gallery.

    • The Picsello default is set at $750 if you haven’t already adjusted in your global gallery settings. You can easily change that to the amount that you feel makes the most sense to you and your clients.

For situations where a client may want to share their digital image and print credits with a friend or family member (think the brand new grandparents and those newborn pictures), you can include any additional email addresses that should have access here.

If you change your mind, you can easily reset to the original package digital image and pricing settings.

Step 4: Your settings are now set

You can proceed with sharing your client gallery now!


With the ability to edit your digital image and print credits yourself, you can now be more stratetgic with your pricing based on the number of images you are offering your client and how you price them. Additionally, no more managing the image download credits owed and you can sit back and watch those effortless upsells come through as incremental profit for you!

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