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Picsello for Non-US Photographers
Picsello for Non-US Photographers
Updated over a week ago

So, to your question, “Does Picsello work in my country?” you can indeed use most of Picsello’s suite of features:

  • You can use the studio management side, marketing, business coaching, and calculator (the results are just in the US $ but working on that global option, too) as is.

  • You can use Picsello for collecting payments if Stripe is available in your country. Check here to verify.

  • Related to Stripe availability, you can also customize currency to bill your clients in your native currency.

  • The client gallery experience will be the same for proofing and standard galleries, including unlimited storage.

  • Your clients will also be able to download digital images whether they are offered as credits in your package, or need to be paid for on an image or full gallery download basis.

  • Picsello is mobile, so it works really well on the go too!

The one exception is ordering printed gallery products:

  • Since our print lab, White House Custom Color (WHCC), is US-based; we turn off the ability to order products (prints, albums, cards) as the shipping fees would not be favorable for non-US-based clients. We are vetting potential non-US vendors, so if you have a favorite in your country, please let us know.

Please feel free to sign-up for a 14-day free trial too. A reminder, once you sign up for a trial, you will have access to the support team for orientation calls, technical support calls, and more!

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