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Payment Schedules
Updated over a week ago

To make your work easier, we've standardized payment schedules for you by job type:

  • Most job types will require 50% payment due up-front to book, and 50% payment due on the day before the shoot, with the exception of:

    - Head Shots and Mini Sessions, which require 100% payment up-front to book.

    - Wedding shoots, which have 3 payments: 35% payment is due up-front to book, 35% payment is due 6 months from the wedding, and 30% payment is due 1 month before the wedding.

- If the wedding shoot is booked less then 7 months before the date of the wedding, 70% payment is due up-front to book, and 30% payment is due 1 month before the wedding.

We don't offer the ability to customize these payment schedule from the leads page at the moment, although that will be coming to Picsello very soon! However, if these standardized payment schedules aren't the schedules you'd prefer to use, there is a way to customize your payment schedules from the Jobs page.

  • Go to "Jobs" and click on the "Import existing Job" button. You'll be able to create your own custom payment schedule this way.

  • Next, select "Import a Job," and click "Next"

  • Enter the job details, and click Next

  • Enter your Package details, and then use the Package Price section to create your custom payment schedule:

  • Enter your final monetary details to create your custom invoice:

  • After this, you can continue on with your job as normal!

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