Jobs in Picsello
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Once the client has paid the deposit on the booking proposal, that proposal will be converted into a Job within Picsello. The Jobs page provides an easy way to access any information you need for the job.

  1. Communications are specific to this job and allows you to easily access any communications you've had with the client, as well as send new messages.

  2. Finances shows the deposit paid and any amount still owed. You can also easily send a payment reminder to the client with the click of a button.

  3. Private notes allow you to document any details about the shoot or the client you want to remember. These notes will not be included in any communications with the client.

  4. Gallery is where you will upload the digital images for this photo shoot.

  5. Shoot Details contains general information about the shoot, including date, time, location, etc.

  6. Booking Details allows you to access all proposal and payment information sent to your client. You can view the following:

    • Contract

    • Questionnaire

    • Invoice details with payments made and upcoming due dates

    • Proposal sent to client

    • If the client does not have the booking proposal email, you can copy and paste the Client Link on the right to send directly.

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