Brand Settings
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Brand Settings allow you to customize the look and feel of your business across the entire Picsello experience, including your Public Profile, Marketing Emails, and Gallery.

Customize Your Email Signature

Once you sign up for Picsello and create an account, Picsello auto-generates a basic email signature for you based on your initial sign-up information. Customizing your email signature with personalized details such as social media links, secondary contact info, and a call-to-action are great ways to make you and your business stand out.

Your email signature is included in all Picsello inbox emails.

1. Log in to Picsello and click Settings from the navigation bar, then click Brand.

2. Click Change signature.

3. Type and format additional information and watch the Signature Preview window as it appears on the screen.

4. Toggle Show your phone number on or off, then click Save.

Need to update your logo, business name, or phone number? Click the links to find out how.

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