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Using Tags to Organize Clients
Using Tags to Organize Clients
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  • Tags are powerful to start using in preparation for marketing feature updates

  • Default tags provided are linked to photography type

  • Learn more about customizing and adding your tags

Using Tags

In preparation for our robust marketing features, it is important that you start to use and create tags for your clients.

Tagging your clients will allow you to start building a knowledge base from which you can remember details over time and serve targeted, relevant emails to them in the future.

Here are a few things to consider as you approach creating the best tagging system for you and your photography business:

  • What information would be important for the way you approach your business? Beyond the photography types, do you tend to do a lot of seasonally themed mini-sessions? If senior packages are your thing, is there value in being able to segment for different area High Schools, colleges, or universities? Thinking about how you will use these downstream is super important.

  • Strike a balance between being specific and overgeneralizing. If you are too specific, it will be hard to create segments of like clients to target. If you overgeneralize, you run the risk of your email communications not being as relevant or impactful

  • Continue to refine and adjust. Getting into the swing of tagging will take time, and patience and is something that you will continue to learn from as time goes on.

Some ideas to consider for tagging:

  • Referrals - this could be those that refer you as a distinct group of those that refer you to their friends and family

  • VIPS - those clients that you love and you want all of your clients to be like them

  • And on the flip side, those that you may nickname DNBS, as in “do not book”. You can fill in the blanks on the rationale here!

  • Repeat clients - those that overtime will book you for the holidays only, or those that like to check off the children's birthday milestones

  • Information on their purchase history - perhaps they wound up purchasing multiple albums from their wedding to give to family as gifts, or perhaps they tried to book late for the holidays and couldn’t get in

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