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Send a Booking Proposal
Updated over a week ago

Once you've communicated with your potential clients and agreed on a photography package, you'll need to send them a booking proposal. A booking proposal provides your clients with shoot details and a deposit request. Once the client's deposit is received, the booking proposal is converted into a job and the date/time of the photo session is reserved for the client.

1. Log in to Picsello and click Get Booked from the navigation bar, then click Leads.

2. On the Leads page, open up the lead to whom you want to send a booking proposal.

3. Review and confirm the Booking details, then click Send proposal.

  • Need to edit the Selected contract or Select questionnaire? Click Edit or Select New under Contract and/or Questionnaire.

  • To remove the selected questionnaire from the proposal, un-check the box next to Include questionnaire in proposal.

4. Update the Subject line and/or Message if you want to customize it for the client, then click Send Email.

The booking will be confirmed once the client's deposit is received.

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