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Orders with Print Credits and Downloads
Orders with Print Credits and Downloads
Updated over a week ago

When you set up your packages, you may choose to include either print credits or digital downloads. When clients select products from their gallery, they will see these credits in their cart.

Digital Downloads

You may include any number of digital downloads in your packages. This allows the client to have a digital copy of their favorite photos. Clients can select Digital Download as a product for any photo.

On the checkout page, each digital download will be notated as using a credit (if applicable). The value of these credits is shown in the total.

Print Credits

Print credits are used to deduct an amount from a client's order, specifically physical products that will ship from our lab partner. Print credits can encourage clients to order a variety of products in your store, such as prints, frames, albums, and more. Once they have put products in their cart, they will see the print credit deducted from the subtotal.

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