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Sharing a Gallery
Sharing a Gallery

Share your beautifully curated photo gallery via automated email, or by copying a link, to keeps your clients happy and boost sales.

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Sharing a Client Gallery

Once you've uploaded all of your client's photos, you'll want to share the gallery with them so they can view your amazing work. By using the gallery's built-in sharing feature, you can easily share a direct link to the gallery, including the PIN, via email. Prior to sharing, you may wish to review the Gallery Settings.

Sharing a Gallery in an Automated Email:

  • Open the client's gallery from the Galleries page

  • At the bottom, click Share Gallery.

    • NOTE: if you want to preview the gallery before sending it to your clients, click Preview Gallery next to Share Gallery.

Picsello for photographers:  How to Share a Photo Gallery.

  • You will then be presented with an email template, from Your Email Automations, for that particular job type. You can simply use the email as-is or tweak prior to sending to your client. NOTE: do not remove the password required to view the gallery or the client will not be able to gain access.

Picsello for photographers:  How to Share a Photo Gallery via email.

  • The client will then receive an email formatted just as you see it in the Share Gallery window.

  • We strongly recommend that your clients open the gallery on Chrome on their computer as Safari is not as up-to-date as Chrome. You can add that to your email to ensure they don't have any issues opening the gallery!

There may be some unique situations where you are sending a gallery to attendees of an event or you simply need to make it easier to enable gallery access. You can easily omit the password on an individual gallery by selecting to enable or disable "Password protect gallery".

Picsello for photographers:  How to Share a Photo Gallery.  How to disable password access to a gallery.

Option: Copy & Share a Gallery Link

If you want to quickly share a link to a gallery, simply open Galleries and select Copy Link. This is a great option if you want to share the link via text, for example. Imagine quickly sharing the gallery with not only your client, but with a collaborator, vendor, potential client, or even a publication.

Picsello for photographers:  How to Share a Photo Gallery.  Share a link to the gallery with your client.

Congratulations on sharing your incredible photo gallery!

When your clients open the gallery link, they will see the cover photo you've selected. By clicking View Gallery, they can scroll through the collection of photos. In addition, they can easily order prints, albums, greeting cards, and more, directly from the gallery.

Picsello for photographers:  How to Share a Photo Gallery.  Preview the gallery by selecting "View Gallery".

Picsello for photographers:  How to Share a Photo Gallery.  Scroll through the client view of the photo gallery.
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