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Print Cost
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With Picsello, when you sell prints to your clients, 100% of product sales go to you. You only pay what the print and product seller charges. The rest of the money goes to you!
When offering Print Credits to your client, it's important to be aware that you will be charged for the raw cost of the print materials to offset the lab costs, printing fees, and shipping fees. You will not be charged the product markup cost, so your own cost will often be offset by the price your client pays, and if there's extra profit leftover, this will be given directly to you, rather than kept by Picsello.
When a client orders from your gallery using their Print Credits, you'll receive an email notifying you of the order total, the amount of Print Credits your client has used, the lab fees & costs associated with the order, and the amount we've charged your Stripe account. You will be charged for the lab fees and costs, and since you are paid for print credits as a part of the Package Price, we will charge that back.

Print Credit Scenarios:

You are paid for Gallery print (i.e. order total exceeded print credits and lab fees & costs):

  • Order total: $500

  • Print Credits used: -$100

  • Lab fees & costs: -$50

  • Amount you would be paid: $350

You would need to pay (i.e. order total was not enough to print credit + lab fees & costs)

  • Order Total: $100

  • Print Credits Used: -$100

  • Lab fees & costs: -$50

  • Amount we would need to collect from you: $50

You would be paid (same as the order above, but in a scenario where you did not provide print credits)

  • Order Total: $100

  • Print Credits used: -$0.00

  • Lab fees & costs: -$50

  • Amount you would be paid: $50

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