Upload a Gallery

Once your session is complete and you've done all of your post-production edits, you'll want to upload the client's photos to a gallery. 

  • From the Jobs page, select a job, then click on View Gallery.

  • Select the photo you'd like to use for the cover photo. To load it onto the site, either click Browse to find it or drag and drop it onto Drop images icon.

  • To load the rest of your gallery photos, click on Photos on the left, then either Add Album or Add Photos.

  • You can choose to either Browse for your photos or drop them onto the Drop images icon here, as well.
  • Once you've started uploading, there will be an indicator on the left-hand menu indicating progress to being the upload.

  • Once everything is set, you will see an icon for each image being uploaded. These icons are replaced with a thumbnail of the photo as the upload completes.