Create a package template

It is likely that you have standard offerings for your clients. Photography packages allow you to save those within Picsello so that it's easy to send booking proposals to clients. Picsello preloads some packages for you, however you can add new ones or edit existing ones at any time.

  • You can access your package templates in one of two ways:
    • On the dashboard, click on Packages under Your Work.
    • Click on Settings at the top of the dashboard, then click Package Templates.
  • Click Add a package.
  • Enter a name for the package and other details. The description will be shown to the client on the booking proposal.

  • Click Next.
  • Enter your base price, making sure to take into account labor, travel, pre- and post-production time, etc. 

  • Digital downloads can be included in your package as credits or you can provide them free of charge. Providing the credits will show the value of the download (and your work!) along with a corresponding credit. You also have an opportunity to upsell the digital images to your client by entering a set amount to purchase all digital downloads.

  • You can also include credits for prints ordered from the Gallery store. Keep in mind that this amount will not be added onto the full package price you entered at the top, so you may want to adjust accordingly.

  • Click Save.